AQFLUX Underwater Window

AQFLUX self-install Underwater Windows

Underwater windows in pools are elements that can bring natural light into a garage, a living room or a gym.

In many cases, large format windows aren’t required. A quicker execution and a much cheaper price is needed to reach a certain pool market which demands it. These mentioned aspects are some of the main points of the AQFLUX window: it is strong, light, fast and easy to install and has a very competitive price.

There are two product versions: one the "STD" with a catalogue with measures and preset prices and the other the "PLUS" with which we can design any possible shape and it will be tailored and manufactured.

Catalog sizes and prices

Preset measures up to 1 sqm (vision)

Very competitive prices

Fast delivery (stock units)

For models outside catalog

Any possible shape

Prices on request

Agreed delivery terms

Installation images

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6


  • Main considerations of the installation:

    The AQFLUX window can be installed when the shotcrete is in process or can be installed in a hole in the vessel wall of the pool.

    The window can be manipulated by two people: very easy to install.

  • Technical characteristics and conditions to consider:

    Prefabricated windows with lightweight materials and high resistance

    Self-installable easily in less than 30 minutes

    It comes with instructions and installation kit

    1.4m maximum depth at the base of the window

    1 sqm maximum viewing area (vision)

    Registered utility model (patented)

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